Boring Lead Gen

We do lead generation the boring way - by doing cold outreach - but we can get you some pretty exciting results by doing it.

Results from our campaigns

About Us

We offer B2B lead generation services to agencies and SaaS businesses. We can help you add $300,000 in revenue to your business in 12 months using cold outreach.The video below gives you a more detailed look into our process. Book a call if you would like to see how this can help your business.


Can you tell me more about Pricing?
Pricing for our done for you service is performance-based. This can take the form of a revenue share agreement or a pay per booked call agreement.
We provide you with a custom quote after learning more about your offer and sales process.What counts as a qualified lead?
We agree on an ICP beforehand and we only charge for leads that fit this specific, agreed-upon ICP

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